The Reality of Goals

Throughout my gap year experience, I have found both success and failure in my goals. I have found success in my goal of pursuing my interest in computer science. I had a successful and engaging internship that I was very pleased to be a part of. Furthermore, I have been able to achieve my goal of being immersed in Spanish-speaking culture with my opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet my goal of being in a formal travel program, but I was able to have an incredible and unique immersion into the Spanish language and culture during my informal travel. In this instance my specific goals needed to be adjusted, however, the ultimate overlying goals of learning more and being in-depth with Spanish culture and language was met.

Moving forward I will be taking a number of steps in order to achieve the best possible outcome for my gap year experience. A previous goal of mine was to obtain my Pennsylvania real estate license. Due to my personal work, IT internship, and traveling to immerse myself in Spanish culture and language, I have fallen behind on my goal. I underestimated the amount of knowledge I needed to learn. Therefore, during my first attempt at the exam, I did not pass. Moving forward I am continuing my studying and getting help from my broker as well as other agents who have already passed the exam. I have personally found that the best way for myself to find help is to reach out to others who are already more advanced than myself. I am going to deepen my understanding of real estate and retake the exam. In order to achieve my gap year goal of obtaining my real estate license, I must continue to dive deeper into real estate education as well as reach out to others who have more knowledge than myself. 

The view walking down a local street in San Juan.

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