A Different Me

My view of myself has largely stayed the same since my high school graduation with a few key differences. I still view myself as the same Hugo Davies who grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. However, I see myself fitting into the world in a different way. Due to being a naive child as well as witnessing the world go through immense changes and struggles, I see my personal role in the world as quite small. I, and most of the world, watch as COVID-19, poverty, and divide spread, and I wonder how to make a positive impact. Previously, I found it quite easy to live my life and believe that I am the star of the show and the center of my own universe. Now, I find it much easier to believe that my role in society is fairly marginal and my actions have little to no impact on others around the country and certainly around the globe. However, I believe as I move forward, I will learn from my experiences and find a way to make an impact in the end. 

I personally believe that this change in my worldview was caused by a number of reasons. Firstly, time and experiences create changes in how one perceives the world and will give one an added level of maturity. New experiences and added maturity are key factors in my differing viewpoint before my gap year experience and now. Secondly, the current state of the world. The world seems to be as divided and confused as ever before, where no one seems to understand what is going on and what the best course of action should be. During these crazy times, I have felt almost detached from reality and find it easy to lose a sense of meaning, causing my worldview to differ. Ultimately, my new experiences as well as the current state of society have caused my worldview to broaden and become more realistic, ultimately giving me insight into how I can make a difference.

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