People in My Gap Year

Throughout my entire gap year, my mom has always been that person right beside me. When I ran the idea through her, she was very excited and supportive of my choice to take a year off. We both saw the experience and knowledge as a great opportunity. When days are rough, she is always the person to help me through them. At the same time, she is also one of the toughest motivators out there. She makes sure that I am doing what needs to be done. I truly do appreciate everything she does for me. 

Another person who is always there for me is Paul, my mentor. He has been teaching and guiding me through this entire experience. With him being an expert in this field, I try to take in as much knowledge as possible when I can. Each week, I speak with him 10-20 times. There is not much that we don’t talk about. I like to have everything broken down in depth so that I can truly understand it. He also has been great at providing me with resources and opportunities each month. I hope that we can finally see some great results before the gap year is over.

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