Staying Brave, Kind, and Strong

Happy new year! I feel as though I have felt a lot of emotions throughout my gap year. I’ve gotten really excited and happy but I’ve also felt really lost and lonely. My experience has been a series of unraveling layers of unknowns. Moving to a new state, starting a new job, making new friends. It feels like a lot sometimes, however I feel as though I couldn’t have adjusted any better than I have and currently am. To start, I have been kind to myself. I find it very important to make myself feel comfortable with what I am feeling and not be afraid of what I am feeling. Being easy on myself when it comes to feeling left out or even just confused with myself, has been the best way for me to approach all the feelings I have come across so far. This has required me to be brave and step outside of my comfort zone, especially when interacting with strangers and new friends. A way in which I felt like I failed was when I realized I didn’t love what I was doing. I thought I stuck myself in this new environment and couldn’t get out. I learned how to speak up for myself and prioritize what was best for me when needed. I will say I think I am currently bouncing back. Making new goals and working on myself outside of working and interning, has really made clear what I find to be important and necessary in my day to day life. I plan to fill the rest of my time with accomplishing these new goals I have made for myself and spending more time with hobbies I enjoy. 

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