November: self & world views

When I think back to my graduation, five months feels like an eternity. How can it be that so much has happened in such a short time? I’m not sure exactly how I’ve changed, but I know that the experiences I’m getting now have a much different, and to me more significant, value in life.

Until now, I haven’t been able to learn much through real experience. On my gap year, I have done so many things that fall into experiential learning it’s hard to keep count. I volunteer as a medical clown in a local hospital, which has made a greater impact on me than I thought possible: I thought it was for the patients, but I am now able to see that it’s mutually beneficial. I have gone to see children participate in their לילה לבן (white night), a fun-filled youth night that communities across the country host. This was special to me as I was welcomed into an unfamiliar tradition and I was able to learn and converse with the kids (a picture of my friends and i with the kids is attached)! 

Medical clowning and לילה לבן are just two of the many experiences I’ve had in Israel that have helped me develop personally since graduation. I have been able to explore the side of myself who loves children and helping others, which I haven’t really had the opportunity to do before. I know these experiences have helped my self view improve. While I’m still putting together my world view, these experiences have also helped me see that despite the violence and injustice in the world there are still genuinely good people out there. I think, for starters, that I’ve restored a bit of faith in humanity. I can’t wait to see how my world view continues to adapt as my life goes on. 

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