Welcome to Jerusalem

When I first met my chavura (home room) teacher, a few thoughts crossed my mind. Her name is Suzy, she is from Brazil, but moved to Israel due to her special connection to the country. She is well spoken and kind in the way she addresses a group. Though I would like to count my first interaction as the one on one we had later that day.

Right off the bat it almost felt like I was talking to a therapist, which for me just meant I was comfortable immediately. She effectively showed me that she actually cared about helping to make sure my experience was the best it could be.

She asked me to tell her about my life, without going into great detail I was able to share a brief telling about the important and defining parts of life so far for me. I felt completely comfortable telling her about myself. It was nice knowing that she did have my best interests while listening. It felt like she was really listening and preparing to make accommodations if needed, or just reach out if I seem out of it one day. 

Overall it was a welcoming interaction and a nice way to start my Jerusalem experience. I am happy to have met caring people so quickly. 

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