Daily life

Daily life for me has changed drastically. being on YearCourse has offered a completely different schedule than what I am used too. typically I will wake up around 9:00, then my day begins.

After I wake up I will go and pour myself bowl of cereal and take my morning medications. Then I will rush to classes or outside where we meet before a trip. That is the start of the program ran part of the day.

Typically we will have a day of classes, with some volunteering mixed in twice a week. On some days though we take trips to explore the religious and historical aspects of Israel. The program will occupy us until around 5 or 6 before letting us get ready for dinner.

Once the program gives us a reason we are at the choir to go to their dinner. Lots of people including myself I’ll go out and buy a dinner near bye. Then the rest of the night is social hours or party hours if you are inclined.

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