Day to Day Life

My day to day life is always changing so it would be hard to nail it down in writing. However, I do have some routines that stay the same pretty much every week so I will focus on that. In the morning, after I brush my teeth and get ready, I take my dogs outside and play with them for about 30 minutes or so. If I know that I have to go somewhere I try to give them as much exercise as possible so that they are not stir crazy at home all day. Most days I am the only person home and because of that, every animal in the house loves to bother me since I’m the only “human” available. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs who are all very nice so its not the worst thing to deal with.

Once I finish taking care of the animals, I get my computer and begin my work for the internship. Every day it is something different so its hard to really describe what it is that I’m doing. Last week I spent every day building the website and creating something called a pixel. This allows the company to track every ad campaign and website visitor so that they get in depth feedback. This week I’m in charge of creating and launching the Facebook ad campaign.   This means being in charge of the targeting, creatives and everything else that is necessary. It has taken a lot of my time but I enjoy having something to do.

Around 4ish, I take a break from my work and go to the gym. I have a gym partner I have worked out with for about three years and we go 6-7 days of the week. Lately I have also been training a friend of mine who is new to the gym. I usually work out for about an hour and a half but the times change depending on the muscle group. After I finish the training, I go home and start preparing dinner. My mom gets off of work around 6 so I try to have dinner ready by the time she gets home. I’ve been doing this the last couple years and I enjoy cooking.

These are my routines that I do pretty much day to day no matter what. I enjoy doing them but sometimes it can be difficult balancing the routines and everything else I have to do in a day. I never thought I’d be the busy type of person but the last months have shown that to reach my goals I need to go past my comfort zone and put in more work than I’d like. It will all pay off eventually.

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