Nicholis Perez: Hitting the Ground Running

Since I’ve started at Starter Studio, my first impressions of the startup accelerator and its operations have been stellar to say the least. Most of my experience has been participating in the Build Program they offer, a 90-day accelerator that focuses on how to build and run a sustainable business and create a successful go-to-market strategy. In this program, cohorts are exposed to content that will help them elevate their freshly started business to the next level, challenging their ideas and goals with real life situations and unbiased content catered to their needs as entrepreneurs.

Some of the members have taken the previous Idea Stage program that is the first program that Starter Studio offers, which cater to validating and testing one’s business idea by talking to stakeholders and potential customers and building a sustainable business plan; these members seem to have a strong basis for the Build Stage Program, yet the program itself still goes to benefit everyone equally. Personally, I find the information that the program directors give to be extremely helpful when thinking about business situations, since I want to own my own business after I graduate college and would be a prime candidate to attend the Build Program myself. I also have observed that Starter Studio has transitioned to working remotely in an efficient and safe manner, holding its Build Stage Programs via Microsoft Teams. I think that this excellent use of technology is essential since COVID-19 has struck the world, allowing Starter Studio to continue to reach out to entrepreneurs with resources that will adhere to their success across the country.   

As I continue to work with Starter Studio, I will be tasked with a few projects that will help the program directors with certain areas of the programs they feel need to have a bit of support added to. From organizing the mentors so that they are readily available to cohorts to helping shape the new program development happening within the organization, these projects are something I am excited and eager to work on.   

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