Nicholis Perez: The Hospitality Industry Post-Pandemic

I am proud to have joined Starter Studio for the Summer of 2021, a nonprofit accelerator that supports Central Florida tech startup founders with educational programming, coaching, funding, and other resources. During my time at Starter Studio I will be working closely with Robert E. Reed, a mentor and Ideation Stage Accelerator leader at Starter Studio that I look forward to learn from as my collaboration with him continues. Tasks expected of me include hands-on interactions with the cohorts of the Build Stage meetings, as well as taking notes and completing projects for the mentorship programs also. Working closely with the program directors and the cohorts themselves will allow me to gather useful skills as a leader and a future entrepreneur myself, which I couldn’t be happier with. 

As far as my tasks with the Tech Fellows program, I will be conducting a research project involving local hospitality groups and how they have been affected by COVID-19. This research topic is a personal issue that I take seriously, since I have worked in the industry for years and have known individuals who have been affected by the pandemic itself. I also chose this specific topic because it’s an issue that is extremely current in our society, having a large field for me to do research in. I will be creating surveys, conducting interviews with local business owners and employees, and talking to other individuals who have an influence in the hospitality industry in order to get a full picture of the matter at hand.

Topics that I will be discussing with these individuals will be about pre-COVID-19, post-COVID-19, and current business operations. I will also ask how have they adjusted, if at all, to COVID-19 and what the future has in store for their business. I will also dive into databases consisting of research studies done on the hospitality industry and COVID-19, as well as articles and news reports about local restaurants in the North Florida area in regards to COVID-19 too.Hopefully by doing this research project it will shine a light on the severity COVID-19 has had on local restaurants, hurting the ecosystem average people are involved in on an everyday basis.

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