Shemar Charles: Domi Station and the Future of Remote Work

For what I will be doing while interning at Domi Station, our meetings will consist of meeting over zoom for the first half of the summer. As means to support social distancing but gradually overtime will be working in face to face alongside Ms. Powers and fellow members of Domi Station. So far what I will be doing isn’t set in stone as of yet but the reason for that is because I will be having varying task through my time there, so I am looking experiencing what Domi Station has to offer.

As for my research, what I will be researching about is how since the pandemic started, has tech companies been affected by the pandemic and what could this mean for the future of fulltime and remote employment. I want to understand how hiring stages have changed in the Human Resources departments, what job outlooking will look like since now companies can hire people across the globe, and the meaning behind what this could become for employers and employees in the long run? The reason I am interested in this is because I want to know how this will impact the future of hiring for STEM majors like me. STEM related fields have been on a high demand since as long as I could remember. Many companies fight for these individuals due to the idea of newer infrastructures and the ability to make things easier for the future to come. In addition to this, companies offer high paying salaries and contracts to make sure the individual stays on the team for the long run. With having the ability to now choose fulltime or remote employees, companies now have a chance to expand their networks over online and not have to pay for office spaces or work environments to hold their teams.

This can also help individuals like me be able to apply to more companies without having to move to another state and do work in the comfort of our homes. Even though this could lead to many new good opportunities in the future, this can also cause a grim outlook for current in person employees in the future. With the help of Domi Station and the guidance of Mr. Montez, I hope to answer these questions while interning this summer and come to a conclusion of what this foretells about the future of the workforce.

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