UROP Student Spotlight: Renzo de Carlo

Renzo de Carlo is a second year clarinet performance major in the College of Music from Orlando, Florida studying with Dr. Deborah Bish. Prior to FSU, he was fortunate enough to hold substitute positions in local orchestras and performing arts groups, as well as teach younger music students in mentorship programs. As a professional, he hopes to play full-time in an orchestra and teach at a university, as well as explore other fields such as economics and arts administration. Currently, Renzo is doing multi-disciplinary research, combining computational analysis and computer programming with music theory and educational approaches to counterpoint. For fun he loves to cook as a hobby, notably Chinese or Italian food! When asked what his favorite part of UROP has been, he stated that it’s the ability to conduct research and learn skills in multiple disciplines and going outside of my major to solve problems within my field. “Not only does it provide me with useful skills for further research, but it helps me get a different perspective on different situations.”

Renzo encourages future UROP students to explore fields of research they may not ordinarily be interested in as they might be surprised with how much they enjoy it. He would tell them to absolutely apply! “The faculty, staff, graduate students, and UROP leaders are extremely insightful and are able to help you navigate the world of academic research for the first time. If you’ve ever had any urge to dive into the field of research, this is the time to do it!”

Renzo de Carlo plans on continuing to develop the computer programs he is using for his research, hopefully implementing them in further research over the remainder of his degree. In the future, he will be applying for an IDEA grant next year to develop a computer program that would be able to be used in educational institutions as a teaching aid for lower-division music theory classes.

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