UROP Student Spotlight: Hannah Gundelfinger

Today’s UROP Student spotlight is Hannah Gundelfinger! Hanna is a second year UROP student majoring in biochemistry and minoring in Chinese, and plans to pursue medicine following her undergraduate studies. As a UROP student she is conducting in research with Dr. Trina Merrick to study the effects of the rising global temperatures on a tropical forest in Panama. Through their work they hope to utilize the results of this study to understand how key carbon sinks and oxygen producers are affected by climate change. Hanna says that her favorite part of UROP so far is, “being able to work on a project that I am passionate about and that I have such an awesome research mentor to guide me through working in research for the first time.” 

Some advice that Hannah would offer students that are interested in UROP is to apply, apply, apply! She says “UROP is the easiest way to get involved in research on campus as an undergraduate student and it provides you with structure and routine that can’t be found in other program. It also gives you the tools and support to work through your research effectively and understand how to prepare a professional presentation about it.” Hannah looks forward to continuing her research after this year and is excited to continue to utilize the skills she has learned as a UROP student.

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