Shemar Charles: Engineering Your Future

My name is Shemar Charles, I am a second-year first-generation undergraduate student at Florida State University majoring in Computer Engineering. I am born and raised originally in Broward County, South Florida and my hobbies consist of all things technology. I love playing games, reading books, reading stocks, and building things from time to time. I am a member of the Student Support Services Stem Program, the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, and an undergraduate lab assistant at the Center for Advanced Power Systems. The reason I am interested in the startup world is that I would like to have the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship pertaining to engineering. I have always wanted to create and run my own business to be able to improve technology as it is right now all while making a difference in the world.

Shemar Charles, Second-year Computer Engineering student
Shemar Charles, Second-year Computer Engineering student

When I first got into the engineering program at Florida State University my first thought was not just to create things as an engineer. It was also to create with ownership and being able to share it with the world on a global scale. With having the dream of being at the forefront of innovative technology. What I hope to get out of being a part of Tech Fellows is the knowledge of what it is like to build a startup and what resources are available to support you through the endeavors. As it stands entrepreneurship and creating a startup is a hard thing in itself when starting from just an idea. Having little to no prior knowledge of how to make one and what it takes to maintain it as well also plays a role in its hardships. I feel like, through the Tech Fellows program and internship, I will be able to gain a greater understanding of what these struggles are like and how to overcome them when I meet them on my own journey. In addition, I would love to also be introduced to already established technologies business as well.

Due to experience being vital when it comes to joining a new field in this case being a startup, I would like the opportunity to gain the experience to learn from these companies on how they started out, how they maneuver through the field, what worked, and what didn’t when it comes to consumers and market standards. With this knowledge and experience from numerous sources and people of similar fields of interest, I will be able to create a great foundation for the business that I will one day be starting up myself. Hopefully, in due time be able to meet mentors and great support systems along the way of building up from the ground. In summary, I guess you can say I hope to meet the right people who will help me realize my own greatness while being apart of Tech Fellows and with this assistance, be able to help and to aspire other young upcoming individuals just like me to reach their own goals for the future.

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