Chris: A Summer of Improving My Business

Chris Lormeus is a 2020 Tech Fellow who is interning at Tallahassee’s Domi Station.

My biggest takeaways from Domi Station was surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to accomplishing the goals they set out for themselves. I also learned when generating a team, it is key that you have a specialist in each field of study that may be beneficial to the business you are trying to build. It is also important that they match your energy when it comes to drive and passion. Those people need to be reliable in situations where you may come up short.  I have also learned the importance of communicating with your team.

After applying these methods to my own life and business I was able to connect with a mentor who was able to help me generate my cash flows statement, balance sheet, and income statement for my current business. I was also able to communicate when I needed help or questions I had throughout my journey. I now hop on all calls with experienced entrepreneurs that Domi Station hosts. I have asked a multitude of questions that helped me narrow down what type of service my business should be providing and how I can make my product more unique in comparison to others.

The next steps that I plan on taking is applying to grants to aid in the launch of my business as well as continuing to ask questions when it comes to developing my business. I will also be applying for a Edward Jones financial advising internship in September to add to my experience. I hope the lessons I’ve learned from Domi are transferable and make me competitive in the application process.

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