Nohemi: The End of the Summer and Next Steps

Nohemi Soza-Acevedo is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellow interning at Orlando’s StarterStudio.

As my last week at StarterStudio is coming to an end, I cannot help but realize the great experiences and individuals I have virtually encountered during the past 10 weeks. Throughout my time with StarterStudio, I have experienced many challenging and wonderful moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Specifically, as a Program Management intern, I have learned many valuable skills that will not only help me throughout my college career but also help me in my future career as an Intelligence Analyst.

That being said, time has definitely flown by and I can’t help but reflect back on the amazing opportunity I was given as an FSU Tech Fellow. Throughout my virtual experience, I have been able to grasp so many more takeaways than expected. Being that this was my first internship during my college career, I was a bit bummed out not being able to have the full experience of being in the Orlando area, physically meeting professionals, or at least being in the incubator myself. However, the StarterStudio team definitely made the experience one to remember through their support and desire to strengthen the tech startup community no matter the circumstance. Some of the many takeaways I encountered during this internship are the following: strengthening my soft skills such as my verbal and written communication skills, growing my network, and learning about venture capital and the tech-startup industry.

My regular tasks of creating and publishing blog post content, conducting interviews, and partaking in 1:1 meetings and team video calls have definitely strengthened my communication skills. Not to mention, my networking skills surely enhanced over these past few weeks as I was able to manage my LinkedIn more effectively. Every time I carried a conversation with someone or simply attended webinars with special guest speakers I would make it my goal to connect with them through LinkedIn. Additionally, being that I had no previous knowledge of venture capital or the tech-startup world, I can attest to the fact that I am now more familiar and confident in my knowledge in these industries. Overall, my experience with StarterStudio has been fantastic! From the very first week, I instantly felt was a part of their team and their community. For that reason, my virtual experience has been great as I have been determined to contribute back to the startup community and leave a positive impact towards the current and upcoming StarterStudio founders.

As for me and my next steps, I am excited to see what the future holds for me. In terms of this upcoming Fall semester, I am thrilled to apply all the skills I have developed towards my Presidency of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated. Furthermore, I am also looking forward to finalizing my research project on cyber-security risks and vulnerabilities among small businesses and present at the President’s Showcase. In addition, with all the opportunities I have been presented during this summer, I am looking forward to participating in more internships within the realm of cybersecurity, intelligence, or emergency management. Therefore, my time with StarterStudio has definitely been rewarding to not only a professional standpoint, but also rewarding in the sense where I was able to give back to the Central Florida tech startup community. 

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