Chris: Building Inclusive Communities at Domi

Domi Station has always had a hand in building new communities to interact with one another to help stimulate networking and relationships. These communities have made a positive impact in Leon county by generating new businesses, ideas, and relationships that have developed in collaborations.

Women Wednesdays was founded to foster a diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial culture ripe with women who enrich the community with their talents and vision, as well as benefit from the collaborative, instructional environment. The program provides free co-working at INIE the first Wednesday of each month, with all remaining Wednesdays held at Domi Station from 10AM-3PM, including an occasional Lean In Lunch & Learn speakers series and ongoing events. The events are open to men as well.

I feel like the creation of Women Wednesdays has had significant impact because of the avenue it created for woman in the Leon County community. The creation of this program has allowed for networking to commence among like-minded women when it comes to business ideas. This also allowed for peers to critique each other’s work before a business idea is pitched.

Another important community that Domi Station has established is the Third Act. The goal of this aged 50+ community is to continue to grow and contribute to the community while remaining economically and intellectually active. The diverse population of the Tallahassee-Leon County area includes a significant number of 50+ residents that are looking to get engaged with the local entrepreneurial community. Those who participate in this community have access to Domi Station’s incubating and co-working programs.

One thought on “Chris: Building Inclusive Communities at Domi

  1. Hey Chris, great work on this weeks blog post! I really enjoyed the part where you started talking about Women Wednesday. I have never been able to take part in that event, but I definitely am looking into it in the future. Currently StarterStudio does not have a program that focuses on the ripe culture of women who enrich the entrepreneurial community but i’ll be sure to shoot them some ideas off of this, thanks!


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