Nohemi: Making the most of a remote internship

Nohemi Soza-Acevedo is a 2020 Tech Fellow interning at Orlando’s StarterStudio.

In this past week, I can sincerely reflect and conclude that the challenges, opportunities, and growth presented as a StarterStudio intern does not go unnoticed. During the past few weeks working with StarterStudio, I have learned many valuable skills that not only will help me as a college student but also in the workforce. Working remotely has definitely come with its challenges but at the end of the day I make it my goal to reflect on my experience and analyze what I can learn from it. Due to working remotely, I have learned to manage my time better, separate my intern work life from home life, and develop soft skills such as adaptability, a strong work ethic, and teamwork.

It was a challenge at first but from the moment I started planning my week with my passion planner my workload suddenly became manageable. As illustrated in the picture above, I have my week planned out and organized by the hour. This allows me to stay on track with all of my daily tasks as an intern and serves as an effective tool I use to stay self-motivated. Not only do I have my planner but through Microsoft Teams I have the opportunity to stay even more organized and productive through the planner function. Indeed, this platform becomes a chat tool that doubles as a task management system between my supervisor and I. Additionally, adapting to separate my intern work life from home life is also something I have learned throughout these few weeks. As a remote worker I manage to keep my work life in a particular area of my home. Therefore, I find it much more effective to work on my projects while being set up at a private table rather than doing it in my living room area or bedroom area. Furthermore, I have also learned and enhanced my skills of adaptability, work ethic, and teamwork.

Throughout my time with StarterStudio thus far, I have been open to learning new things, take on unexpected challenges and even make adjustments in the workplace. Not to mention, as I am learning to adapt to work remotely and learn new things, I am also developing other soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills. In addition, as I have been practicing to have a good work ethic through remote work, I feel as if though it will not only help me as an intern but help me transition into my future career. Having to form the good habits of staying motivated, organized, and meeting deadlines throughout this journey will definitely help me in the long-run. For that reason, I am excited to keep on learning something new each and every day as a program management intern for StarterStudio.

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