Chris: Helping Domi Station Transition

Chris Lormeus is a 2020 Tech Fellow interning with Tallahassee’s Domi Station.

This week my internship with Domi Station has yielded a few surprises. One surprise in particular that stuck out that was being tasked with creating and modifying the procedures the company should take since the lockdown due to COVID-19. I had to research the policies that our competitors have set in place. The procedures also had to abide by Leon County’s plans to flatten the rise in COVID-19 cases. I also had to find materials that could be utilized in the Incubator to limit the spread of the disease. These materials included: plexiglass, face masks, 6ft signs, etc. Since this is my first time dealing with a pandemic, researching all of this made me realize how real of an effect COVID-19 has had on my life and others around me. This pandemic should not be taken lightly and taking the proper steps to protect yourself is important. I may not be used to these changes, but hopefully they are enough to help flatten the curve and hopefully bring society back to normal.

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