Alexander Blanchette: My Mobile Work Setup

My name is Alexander Blanchette and this summer I am working as a Marketing Intern for Starter Studio Orlando. Currently, I am tasked with creating content for their social media pages, engaging with and growing all social media platforms; and working directly with Starter Studio alumni to further develop and flesh out the network by bringing everyone closer together. As I continue to get established, I plan on working on some other projects related to cybersecurity within marketing. The shift to a remote internship meant that I needed a quiet place to work with good Wi-Fi. Having a desk with wheels allows me to change rooms in the house rather quickly which solves the sometimes spotty WI-FI and doubles as a change of scenery.  I am the type of person who likes to keep their home and workplaces separate and being in Ocala means I don’t have access to Strozier and Dirac. Moving my work setup every couple of days is a good way to mimic that sense of work/home separation

In addition to my duties for the internship, I am undertaking a research project as a part of my Techfellows requirements. In the coming months, I will be interviewing entrepreneurs asking about their experiences and whether generational wealth (or lack thereof) had any influence in their ability to pursue ideas or reach specific goals. Entrepreneurship and family business is one of the quickest ways to achieve financial independence for low income and traditionally underrepresented populations. Learning the nuances of generational wealth is important if we want to see a closing of the income gap in the United States while simultaneously helping those who have it maximize its potential. The goal is to work with first, second, and third generation entrepreneurs and learn about their journey.

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