Chris Lormeus: Week One


My name is Christopher Lormeus a third-year student at The Florida State University studying Finance with a minor in Business Analytics. Some of my personal interests include day trading stocks and foreign exchange currencies while mapping out the necessary components I need to launch my drop-shipping business. Last summer, I was part of the CRE’s Global Scholars program interning as a Financial Analyst at Morocco World News. In addition, I received the Benjamin A Gilman fellowship to support my summer internship in Morocco. Last week, I started my internship with Domi Station (Tallahassee, FL) and have been working with Executive Director Bill Lickson in order to determine the policies necessary to reopen its co-working space as our community tries to return to normal.

Due to COVID-19, I have had to work remotely and that experience has taught me the importance of time management. I set alarms for every meeting I have on zoom and map out a deadline I have for projects on Google calendar. I also have learned to find more value in my free time. Recently, I have picked up day trading. I have been studying the foreign exchange and stocks to better these new skills.  My goals this summer are to gain applicable skills that I can use to stand out to employers and gain connections in my field. I also plan to launch my drop-shipping business by the end of this summer

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