Interactions in DC

Working in congress comes with many daily interactions. In this blog post I am going to explain some of my most memorable interactions with members, staff, constituents, etc.

I think one of the first big moments I had was meeting the Congressman I work for. I remember throughout the day myself and fellow interns anxiously awaited his arrival. Obviously, we all three look up to him, respect his beliefs and opinions, and were overall just excited to meet him. Soon he comes busting in the door and immediately comes to greet the staff who he has not seen for a month (due to the August recess). This show of excitement to see “his people” made me really excited to begin working with him. Throughout the evening I had the opportunity to sit in on a legislative (leg) meeting and listen to the talk about what would be happening that week. The next day I had more of an opportunity to speak with him. Overall meeting him for the first time was one of the coolest experiences.

Another exciting moment was when I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the lead architects of Notre Dame Cathedral’s remodeling. The architects were here in the U.S. to tour our states and learn more about our country and its government. Luckily, their tour guide happened to be from the state that I work for and the only way they could get into the House Gallery was with the Congressman from that state. The perk of this was that I had to help escort them to the meeting location. As we sat in the gallery, I had the opportunity to speak with the gentlemen and explain how our countries government worked and what was currently happening on the house floor. Afterwards they had the opportunity to speak with the Congressman and get pictures.

            Although, there are some sad or angering moments while working in a congressional office; the good always outweighs that. The opportunities I have had within a short time will last a lifetime! And I will always remember the people I get to meet and speak with on a day-to-day basis.

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