A Day in Yeshiva

My schedule varies depending on the day of the week but from Sunday through Thursday it consists of my normal learning and class schedule. Though I’m sure it varies slightly depending on the Yeshiva I’d imagine most follow a similar format. In the morning I wake up around 7:00 and get ready. Shacharit (morning prayers) start at 7:30 and depending on the day can end around 8:30. From here there is breakfast provided by the yeshiva which normally consists of eggs and or toast. The first-morning class begins at 9:30 and ends at 1:00. This first class is a Gemara class which would be halacha/Jewish Law. Here I have lunch and a break until 3:20 which is when mincha (afternoon prayer) begins. This is then followed by my first-afternoon class at 3:40-4:30 and a second class at 4:40-5:30. After this I learn on my own until 6:30 when I take a Jewish philosophy class and then I eat dinner at 7:30 and do maariv (night prayers) either before or after taking my 8:30 night class. After this, depending on the night, I learn more until 11:00 and go to sleep.

The days in which we have breaks in our classes are Fridays, which are mostly spent preparing for Shabbos/the Sabbath (Jew’s day of rest) such as by packing and or setting up meals, and Saturdays.

Yeshiva provides dorms on campus which I use and most of my interactions consist of the rabbium (the rabbis) and fellow students. While being here I have met other students from different Yeshivas and have interacted with some of the locals across Jerusalem, though most of the day I’m fairly busy.

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