My goals

Hey everyone! As it gets closer and closer to my departure date, I have thought more about my goals and how I plan to accomplish them. My main goals over the course of this year are:

  1. Improve my Hebrew
  2. Explore different cultures throughout Israel
  3. Learn about policy and how it affects the conflicts and people’s daily lives

     In order to improve my Hebrew, I will be taking an intensive Hebrew language and literature course throughout my 9 months in Israel. I will have class almost every day, and I will be placed in a level according to a placement test I did a few weeks ago. Although the class is pretty early- at 8:30, I believe- I’m excited to be able to learn even more Hebrew and perfect what I already know. Most importantly, I plan on speaking in Hebrew whenever possible. Because I am living mostly with Americans, I will have to make sure to speak Hebrew in class as well as on the streets/in restaurants in order to practice as much as I can. During my second semester, Israelis that are our age join our program, so I will be able to make Israeli friends and practice casual, daily conversational skills. 

     To accomplish my second goal, I will be traveling throughout Israel, trying new foods, and speaking to different people. My program takes us on weekly trips in different parts of Israel where we will be exposed to the diverse food, culture, and people of Israel. There is no exact way to achieve this goal, but I have an adventurous mindset to be open to new experiences and people. I hope to speak to locals to learn about their lives/culture as I travel through the country. 

     Additionally, I am excited to learn more about Israel’s government system as it is different from the US government. I also want to learn about how policy affects the lives of different people. I will be able to select classes based on my interests once I arrive in Israel, so I am planning on taking a class on the Israeli government and the effects of some laws in Israel. My program also organizes guest speakers on these topics, so I will have the opportunity to speak with politicians as well as individuals from different backgrounds. 

     Last but not least, I hope to keep an open mind and take advantage of every opportunity in Israel while learning more about myself, Israel, and the world!

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