Emma Barrett’s Blog Post

This week, we are highlighting Emma Barrett! She is a first-year FSU student majoring in Criminology. Through the UROP program, she is working with Dr. Vincenzo Olivett on a project entitled Emma explains that Smokey Hollow was “a black community established in the 1800s that was ultimately destroyed during the creation of Tallahassee’s present-day Capitol Center”. Her love of anthropology and archaeology stems from her desire to highlight underrepresented individuals and communities that have been ignored by traditional history. 

Emma has found great value in her UROP experience, especially as it relates to providing fieldwork experience to undergraduates. “There’s so much more to research than working in a lab – it often means, for social science majors, studying oral histories, working in archives, and looking at historical and archaeological evidence”, she recounts. She also credits the UROP program with providing her with experience that she didn’t know was available to freshmen and sophomore students. As an anthropology student, she explains that she wasn’t aware of the ongoing projects and research going on within her department – the UROP program made these opportunities more visible and accessible. 

This real-life experience is valuable to any student, which is why Emma encourages any student to apply! “I would really emphasize the importance of choosing a project that interests you,” she recommends. “You’ll spend a lot of time researching, so the more passionate you are, the faster those hours will fly by!” While assisting with research is a big commitment, Emma has found lots of fulfillment and enjoyment from the process. Even beyond UROP, she hopes to continue both with her own project and with other projects related to her interests. “I plan to keep in touch with my research mentor, and possibly stay on with my UROP project through the summer,” she explains. We know that regardless of the path she chooses, Emma’s enthusiasm and research skills will take her far! 

When she’s not working on her project, Emma loves reading and a good word game – she considers herself a Wordle and New York Times Crossword expert. Thank you for your hard work and dedication towards the UROP program, Emma – we are confident that you will be successful at the symposium and in your future endeavors!

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