A little bit about me, Nathanael Monroe

Hi, I am Nathanael Monroe. I was born and raised in Florida and recently graduated from high school. I will be participating in the Gap Year Program for the duration of this year, before entering into FSU to study Political Science with the goal of eventually attending Law School. This year I will be headed to Washington, DC to serve as a Congressional Intern. But let us dive into a little bit more detail.

I began elementary school at the school my mom taught at. It was during those initial years in school that I began developing my love for agriculture and politics. I know, a little weird for a third grader to have an opinion in the 2012 Presidential Election. Moving into middle school this love continued, all the way into high school where I became involved in student government as well as FFA. FFA was my home; I learned so much about myself, leadership, public speaking, and the United States’ Agriculture Industry. Student Government did not become much of my thing until my senior year when I had the opportunity to serve as my high school’s senior delegate to the school board. This came with a lot of responsibility, further developing my love for service to others and politics.

My gap year has been planned out since ninth grade; I just knew I was going to screen for Florida FFA state office and serve my peers throughout this state and nation for the year. I worked for years preparing myself for this moment. Along came screening, and I felt like I rocked it. Then…the announcement. Area I state Vice-Presidential Candidates…Area II State Vice-Presidential Candidates…(Ok, now the nerves have set in, Area III is my area. I could either screen for Area candidate or Presidential Candidate)Area III State Vice-Presidential Candidates…Person A and Person B. Ok so not me but I still had the chance to screen as a presidential candidate…..well I will save you the trouble of reading even more than I have already written, I did not get it. Years of planning and working for this moment have gone to waste; but have they?!? No! Instead, I lifted my head and started looking for new opportunities. That is when I decided to begin applying for congressional internships.

Politics and serving others have long been a passion of mine. After many long nights of applying for many internships in DC, I finally had an interview and was offered an internship serving within a congressman’s office in DC.

This year I hope to learn so many new things and meet four goals:

  1. Learn more about the United States Government
  2. Learn more about Politics and the U.S. Political System
  3. Further define and solidify my beliefs and opinions
  4. Make valuable connections and relationships with new people

I look forward to what this year may hold, and I hope that throughout my time participating in FSU’s Gap Year program I am not only able to meet the above stated goals, but also learn more about myself and those around me.

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