So far during my gap year I have been exposed to lots of different people from all over the world. Of these people I would say a good half have been able to make some sort of impact on my life. Though when I think back on the people I have met, one name comes to mind. During the first semester that I spent in Jerusalem we were divided into homerooms, the educator I was placed with was truly a blessing. Her name is Suzy Beducha, she helped to shape my entire Jerusalem experience. 

I usually clash with educators, counselors, and anyone in charge of me, but Suzy’s approach was much different. She had a way of making the space so comfortable and safe for all types of people. She helps you feel more comfortable doing what you would like to do. Also right from the first one on one meeting you could tell she really cared and had your back. I was able to go to her for help whenever I needed, she would make time for her “kids”. 

She is a short curly haired woman from Brazil who moved to Israel with her partner shortly after her own gap year. Her clothing is unique and energy goes unmatched. As long as we asked she would bring in tea or coffee. It’s one of the first times I have felt both loved and unjudged by an educator. For example, on days that my stomach problems would act up, she offers help and defends me missing class to those who looked to punish me.

All in all Suzy is one of the most inspirational people in my life. My goal is to bring her ability, to make those around her comfortable, with me to Florida State. It would provide a more relaxed environment for me and others. She is very special and I am so lucky to have been placed into her group for three months!

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