Meaningful Interaction

Throughout the beginning of my gap year, one distinct person created a lasting impression on me, my coworker Les. Les and I both worked as temporary IT support interns at a company called AG Data. Les quickly went from being a thirty-eight-year-old stranger to a close friend of mine I loved to talk to. We spent our days chatting through Slack, while formatting and matching agricultural data. My internship was surprisingly exhilarating. Through our time together, we grew a bond I never thought I would find through an IT company. 

He always found a way to make me laugh. Despite the fact that we live hundreds of miles away and mostly talked via text, Les was always able to make a deep connection with me. We grew closer and began finding common interests like our love to cook. Furthermore, we shared our hobbies and I found out that Les can carve pumpkins so well that people pay him to carve special designs. My daily interaction with a stranger brought me great joy and soon became a part of the day I always looked forward to. I hope that throughout the rest of my gap year I continue to have spontaneous interactions with new people and create amazing connections. 

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