Getting Creative

Since starting my gap year my mindset and goals have changed several times, which is very normal, but an underlying aspect that always stayed intact was the creative work I encountered. As I started my gap year, I planned to maintain a heavy influence of fashion and merchandising in my day-to-day activities. Marketing within itself is a creative outlet that I have been able to explore thoroughly and even practice while working at a boutique. A small business’s online presence can strongly influence its sales and customer outreach, which is what our boutique’s marketing guru and I have been working on since the fall. We have since created unique photoshoots at various locations, collaborated with local cookie artists, and created a community with our active followers. I am still currently working on this aspect of my gap year, however, since my mindset has changed I have found other creative outlets.

Taking a year off of school for me was exactly what I needed, however like I have talked about before, it’s hard sometimes. I have always found coloring and drawing to be a safe and calming creative outlet for me to relieve stress or just get rid of any boredom I may experience. This year I have been able to spend more time coloring and while doing so, appreciating my quiet time. It sounds very childing but it really has made a difference in my well-being in school and out of school. Another hobby I was able to spend more time on was learning how to play the ukelele. I am nowhere near a professional, but it has been a fun way to dig into my creative side and appreciate some of my favorite songs in a different light.

Each creative aspect of my gap year, big and small has allowed me to become more open-minded and imaginative. Creative, hands-on learning has always been my favorite form of learning and I am very happy that I was able to keep my hands busy throughout my gap year!

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