Bravery in my Gap Year

In my gap year, there are many things that are out of my comfort zone. For starters, having to hold conversations with doctors about something in their field of knowledge. They have been through years of schooling to gain the knowledge they have. I have Google and a good memory. I was stressed at the thought of communicating with them because I was certain they would ask an intricate question that would have me stumbling around for my words. Having faced this, I’ve found it is nothing like what I feared. For the most part, doctors like to talk. In many situations, they don’t care what you have to say so long as they have your undivided attention. I kept my responses professional and on topic and then led the conversation back to something they were interested in. This seemed to work out in my favor. My very first professional 1 on 1 with a doctor had me sweating bullets, but at least I was brave enough to go for it. I learned a lot that day. 

Paul, my mentor, also has employees working for him in a call center. One elderly lady named Rose was assigned to helping me in my endeavors. She is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met and is great on the phone. I initially felt bad when Paul asked her to help me. However, after getting to know her, I can say that she is one of the hardest working people out there. She has helped tremendously and I made sure to show my appreciation. Every day she did something for us, I would thank her and tell her how much I valued her help. Apparently this meant a lot to her. One day I get a text from Paul telling me that at work, Rose is the happiest she’s been in a while. 

In my gap year, I don’t think anything that happens to me is a failure. If everything falls through tomorrow, I will still be thrilled that I’ve had the chance to learn all of this knowledge. With that being said, I am disappointed at the pace of development. I have been laying the foundation for these businesses for 6 months. We are just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I understand the importance of not rushing into things and creating a solid business structure. However, it would be fun to finally see some movement. I would like to have a day where it is nothing but success instead of programming and relationship building.

I have a very clear game plan in front of me finally. I intend to put a lot of time in to make this plan a reality. 

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