Art in my Life

During my gap year, I can’t say that I have read any poems or gone to any art shows. However, I did listen to a lot of music. Music is art right? I’d say that the best album I have listened to this year has been Dawn Fm, by The Weeknd. Out of all the different genres I have listened to this year, the Weeknd’s dark pop always draws me back. Although Dawn Fm isn’t my favorite album of his, it was nice to have new music. Outside of the rap world, it feels like music after Covid has been mediocre compared to before. For me, the new Weeknd album was something new and refreshing to listen to. 

Although the album was good, it doesn’t really apply to my life and my gap year. I haven’t really been sleeping around with married women and doing drugs so there’s not much to relate to. In general, I am not big into looking for meaning in other’s work. I prefer making sense of myself, with myself. With that being said, I do enjoy seeing the talent and effort others put in to making their art. My mom is an artist and writer. Lately she has been making an insane amount of easter theme crafts and paintings. It is very impressive to see someone make something magical out of scraps. I do not have the most artistic mindset so seeing excellence like that is always astounding. Another form of art I really enjoy is cinema. I have probably seen over 2000 movies if not more. For a long time in high school, I would watch a movie in bed right before I went to sleep. I’ve always said that if I am rich and retired, I would become a writer or director in Hollywood. I feel that I could make some insanely good plots.

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