My New Life

My days start early with my remote IT internship starting at seven in the morning. I wake up before work just to eat, walk my dog, and shower then I am straight on my computer. The morning starts off with a meeting between the IT team members regarding the tasks for the day and the rest of the week. Currently, I have been spending most of the morning formatting and matching agricultural data. Furthermore, I have been spending the afternoon on the phone teaching farmers how to use the AgData software in order to enter data such as crop yield and inventory volume. At around three o’clock, I’ll finish my IT work for the day and say bye to the rest of the IT team for the night. Usually, I do not have much time to rest because four days of the week I deliver food at a local restaurant from four to ten in order to double up my income. By the time I get home, I am exhausted and like to read to wind down, or just fall straight asleep.

Before my gap year had started, I knew I wanted to spend time working, however, I never had a clear picture of what that meant to me. Surprisingly, even while often working fourteen-hour days I still have trouble putting a definition on what work means to me. I have always agreed with the notion that if one enjoys work, they will never “work” a day in their lives, and now I eventually want to be able to put that idea into action in my life. I certainly do not spend my day ecstatic over the IT or restaurant work I do, but I do feel content about where I am as well as where I am going. My goal is to be able to utilize my daily life in order to move towards the dream of never “working” a day.

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