Surprising Thing About my Gap Year

What surprised me in my gap year is how busy I have turned out to be. During the week days, I am busy for at least 8-10 hours straight. I don’t see this as a problem, just a shock that it has ended up this way. Juggling my responsibilities and my routine was difficult to work out but I think I’ve created a good system. I prioritize by most important to least important and begin there each morning. I think it is a good situation for me. It is really preparing me for college and life’s schedules. If I can manage this hard work, the rest will be easy later on in life. On another note, I’ve really enjoyed what I have been doing. I think having a hands-on role in a company is a unique thing for someone my age and I appreciate the opportunity.

When I sit back and think about my previous assumptions of my gap year, I find it funny that I thought this gap year would be sort of easy. I assumed that it would be like a year long summer with a side job. That is not the case. With that being said, I did know what was wanted out of me with my internship and I was prepared for anything. If I had the option to change anything about what I do, I wouldn’t. Like I mentioned before, I respect the work I’m putting in so it is not a burden for me. It would be fun to have a conversation with myself in July when the gap year began. I feel like the same person but so much has changed in a short time. I have learned a lot of life skills I never even knew existed and I have grown in my quality of work. If given the opportunity, I would just reassure myself this is a good decision and I might grab some lottery numbers and pass them down.

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