On With the Goals

This blog post is about the goals that I have set for myself for the upcoming year in a manner that I can further work on myself and come out gaining something useful. My goals are:
Refine my social skills
I had always heard how hard the transition from high school to university was and I thought that this is always an exaggerated thing but experiencing this thing firsthand made me leap for the gap year opportunity and get to know people from my cohort before even setting foot on campus. This would not only help me a great deal to get over my anxiety of getting to know new people in a new place but also help me have some mental support as to the fact that I have people whom I know where I am supposed to go since I would be moving half a world away from my home to do undergrad in the US.
Giving something back to the community has given me a lot
Some people are underprivileged in a community and I think the best way to help them is to uplift them however possible, with the help of people having resources which they can contribute towards a good cause. The institute or the governing body can not always reach every single entity so everyone has to do their part. It is more like a journey where you can’t leave anyone behind. It’s all or nothing. In the past, I tried doing some work to help the community tackle the problem of forest fires by organizing various plantation drives and one thing I learned was that it’s always the little effort that leads to a great change. So my main motives would be to better understand what it means and how to help a community evolve into a better place for every inhabitant. The second would be to do something that falls within the more ethical understanding of ‘help’ and not just treads on the cliched path set by influencers.
Push me into the growing world of computers
Ever since childhood I was very intrigued by the command my elder brother had on computer software, web development, graphic designing, and more. I always wanted to get into these things but I didn’t share the same love for the computer that my brother did and neither did the hectic pre-med high school curriculum allow me to pursue it, but now that I have time at my disposal, I think it is the right moment to grab on to these skills and try to become an all-rounder in practical life. I plan on taking classes from code academy online and develop some web pages to showcase my skills or design some 3d characters in different editing software.
All in all, I am excited for this year and for what it may bring.

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