Hey! I’m Quin!

(Submitted by Quin Roscoe June 29th)

Hello! My name is Quinlan Roscoe, but everyone calls me Quin. I’m from Dartmouth, MA, which is about an hour south of Boston. There are many people in my town who never leave, which is why from a young age I’ve always been interested in travel. Fortunately, I have parents who were able to afford taking vacations around the world, which is why I still love to travel. I also love to take pictures while I travel, so I’ve put some below. 

The culture that I have the deepest connection to is Japan. While I’m neither racially nor ethnically Japanese, I still love the country due to living there for half a year. I enjoy Japanese culture, anime, and their language, which I hope to learn over the course of college. 

For my gap year, I want to use my love of travel to help me prepare for the future. My plans are to live in Nagasaki for 3 months, Tokyo for 2 months, Fiji for 1 month, New Zealand for 2 months, Peru for 1 month, and the Galapagos for 1 month. With this globetrotting adventure, I hope to not only learn more about other people, but also learn more about myself.
ありがとう、さようなら,ク イヌ
(Translation: Arigato, Sayonara, Ku-in-nu, meaning Thanks and Goodbye, Quin)

Published by Warren Oliver

CRE Associate Director for Global Programming

One thought on “Hey! I’m Quin!

  1. It was nice to meet you on the zoom Quin. I was about to go to school in Massachusetts before I decided FSU was a better fit for me. I think that it is great that you love the Japanese culture. It sounds like it was fun to live in Japan for half a year. Hope your gap year is everything you wished for!


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