Toddy and I!

Hi! My name is Erin Lassere. I just graduated from the IB Program at Daphne High School in Daphne, Alabama. Among my list of hobbies, I love going to the beach, fishing, and boating; which, is perfect, since I conveniently live 40 minutes from the Gulf Coast! When I am not outside, however, I love curling up with a good book or playing with my cat. I am the total typical cat-lady introvert, but I wear it loud and proud.

There is one thing, however, that I have not mentioned: I am a horse girl. I have been throughout my entire life. I am that girl in class that when the word “horse” is mentioned, all eyes turn to me. My life has been completely structured around riding, competing, training, and, consistent with the sport, spending money (sorry Mom and Dad!). I have woken up before 3am for competitions countless times, I have endured 15-hour work days in exchange for lessons with my coach, and have fallen off one-ton animals more than what seems to be humanly possible. However, I would not trade this life for the world. So, I am using my Gap Year to further explore the ins and outs of being a competitive equestrian!

During my Gap Year, I will live in Ocala, Florida, and will work for professional equestrian Zachary Brandt. I will be taking care of and riding high profile competition horses, learning to assist in managing a business, all while progressing in my own training and competitive goals. I will also be volunteering at horse therapy centers to give back to the equestrian community that has done so much for me throughout my life. I will also be volunteering at numerous international equestrian competitions, and traveling all throughout the country and interacting with different cultures.

I have managed my equestrian passion throughout a rigorous academic program, years of school, clubs, volunteer work, and even through other sports. I am unbelievably excited to experience almost a whole year of being able to immerse myself into this sport without distractions of “real life”. I am also excited to push my personal boundaries, as I will be experiencing a new environment, new community, and new people. (like I said, introverted cat-lady!). I can’t wait to have the year of my life! Let’s go!

One thought on “NICE TO MEET YOU!

  1. Your dedication to equestrian sports is so inspiring to hear about, incredible that you’ve found and followed your passion so early in life! It leaves all the world’s time, like this very gap year, free for pursuing it as far as you can race it. We can’t wait to watch all these equestrian niches and crooks and crannies be explored over the coming months, to see you gain instrumental experiences in the very field that you love. And, having already shown that you can balance sports and academics and life errands, we can believe in your ability to maximize a year’s time, to do your best at being the best you! Congratulations on earning this timespan, good luck, and here’s to the next blog post!


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