“Me,” Emma Sklar

If I had to describe myself in a few sentences, it would go something like this…

I have two sides: the quirky rule follower and the adventurous, carefree soul. Both of these sides are equally representative of me, and they emerge at different times. Sometimes I am shy, and want nothing more than to cuddle with my Havanese and binge Marvel movies. Other times I am energetic and can’t seem to find enough to do. Both of these girls, however, can be described as thoughtful, curious, and decidedly indecisive. I’m family oriented, goofy, and I’m obsessed with rootbeer and my dog Maisy (I’ll include a picture of her). While these qualities don’t necessarilydefine me, they do make me more unique. I don’t feel as though I have a true concept of what defines me, as it is constantly evolving with time. I am, however, excited to see how my self-definition will change once I break the static of my life and move away from all I’ve known for nine whole months.

My plans and expectations for the upcoming year are to spend nine months in Israel experiencing, learning, growing, and living. I want to experience life in Israel from the first perspective, learn to speak Hebrew and better educate myself on Israeli politics/conflicts, expand my cultural horizons, and make everlasting memories. I will be attending Young Judaea’s Year Course gap year program in the hopes of finding myself, my interests, and my path. Family is also very important to me, and I plan to spend much of my free time visiting and rebuilding connections with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Israel. I am excited to return to Israel yet again to challenge my beliefs and gain independence.

2 thoughts on ““Me,” Emma Sklar

  1. Those qualities do make you the more unique, so thank you for sharing such quirks with us! I find that the smallest details are some of the greatest. They allow us to relate and connect and oh man is that Havanese adorable! But seriously, it’s wonderful to hear that you’ll be spending nine months in Israel, it truly does sound an incredible personal, educational, and professional experience. We’re invested in watching your self-identity evolve, in seeing how these opportunities expand your horizons and passions! So we’ll be look forward to the next post, your reflections, and another step in front of the other!


  2. Hey Emma! I love the portrait that you paint of yourself. I especially enjoy that even though all these things you list are opposite parts of yourself, they still remain true to your personality and build a sense of who you are. I really resonated with the idea of not having yourself set in stone because you’re constantly evolving and changing to become a better person. We should all strive to grow and actively become better humans than we were yesterday. I also relate heavily with having your family in a completely different continent and the need to spend time rebuilding those connections. I can’t wait to read more updates about your gap year in Israel and hope to hear about the things you learned while there!


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