Impactful people

(Written by MariaJose Ladera on March 31, 2021)

March has been pretty hectic, my family and I started it being quarantined within the house.

Leading into February, my dad and brother tested positive for Covid-19, starting with mild symptoms and then they progressively got worse; however, my dad was the one who was affected the most. He started off with a horrible cough that would just not go away and as the days progressed his symptoms worsened, which made us worry. We did not want him to end up at the hospital because from our perspective there was no turning back. Everyday we prayed and hoped that his cough would go away. We were constantly checking his blood pressure and oxygen levels. Finally, after a visit with a virtual doctor who prescribed him some medication, his cough went away and his health improved.

It was a difficult time for all of us.

As a daughter, seeing my dad at such a low point physically and mentally, while not being able to physically see him or talk to him, hurt. I could not express my love for him through physical touch, neither could I say good morning nor good night to him unless it was through the phone. Sometimes he was in too much pain or he was too tired to be on the phone. For a week and a half, we communicated with them mainly through phone calls, as if we were back in the 80’s.

It was also tough on my mother because she was doing the work of two people. Yes she had some help, but the support she received from my dad, pre-covid, could not be replicated.

I am glad that my dad and brother were able to come back from that hell, and go back to their normal lives. However, from what I have heard the moment is forever engraved inside their head leaving them mentally wounded.

At the moment, the only people who stick out as memorable would be my parents. I was supposed to pick one person who I either met on my journey or has been with me all along, but it was hard to narrow it down between the two.

They are both strong, independent people full of love. Every decision that I make they support, and if it’s too crazy they help make it more reasonable. In addition to always being there for me, both of them have interesting stories to tell. Their life wasn’t always easy or happy and I think that’s what makes them more fascinating.

After Covid-19 hell week, I see them as stronger people. Knowing that not all families experienced what we did, some had it easier than others, I respect them for what they have gone through because it’s not easy being the receiver or the caregiver.

Published by Warren Oliver

CRE Associate Director for Global Programming

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