Thalia Mendoza: Continuous Learning

As someone who was always interested in political science and international affairs, being a part of the Tech Fellows 2021 cohort is something I would have never imagined. I have never been one to focus too much on the technology sector and neither on entrepreneurship. While both are extremely fascinating topics and career fields, I simply was not attracted to either one. However, throughout the years, one thing I began to take pride in was in the art of being a lifelong learner, something I have found to be immensely valuable throughout my life thus far. This goal towards being a continuous learner, made me realize that everything in this world can connect with one another; one just has to have the will and of course, find the way to connect it.

The moment I realized this, was the very same moment I realized that technology and entrepreneurship should be something that interest me. As a matter of fact, everything should interest me. This isn’t to say that I am extremely passionate about everything in this world. Of course, there will be things that I enjoy more than others. However, I have come to show an initial interest in everything because I truly would never know if I love it, unless I take a chance and learn about it.

Through this same mindset and by genuinely practicing what I preached, I quickly came to realize that social entrepreneurship was truly a passion of mine. Although the Tech Fellows program will serve as the foundation for my experience in entrepreneurship, I am confident that it will provide me with the tools and skills to succeed not only in the field of entrepreneurship, but it will allow me to succeed overall in all areas of my life. I mainly want to take part in this experience, so I am better equipped to pursue a career in social entrepreneurship, specifically by focusing on developing countries.

It’s safe to say that I am most excited about taking part in something that is considered outside of my comfort zone. I hope this experience will bring me immense insight and bring light to different topics and issues that I normally would not be focusing on. I’m looking forward to acquiring the same innovative nature that entrepreneurs have, so I can then solve real world problems affecting second and third world countries. I believe I can do this in different ways, and this is why I am so eager to pretty much do anything that is asked of me, whether it is something I am used to or not. I am excited to learn more about the technology sector so I can learn more about effective infrastructure that can help address issues relating to the poor infrastructure that underdeveloped countries are faced with.

StarterStudio is where Thalia will be interning this summer.

For example, I would be eager to learn more about filtration systems, such as the mobile filtration system Jaden Smith took to Flint Michigan. These are the kind of technological advances/systems that I am most curious to learn about. One way I am looking forward to doing this is through mentorship/connection building and through attending various events hosted by the incubator. I have always valued the concept of mentorship, as I feel it is perhaps one of the most crucial components of success. Having a mentor not only helps guide you in the right path, but it also gives you the confidence and extra motivation that one might need to pursue roles outside of their comfort zone. At least that is what mentorship has done for me. Having a multiple mentorship has provided me with different perspectives on various issues and decisions, thus allowing me to make the best decision for myself. I have also always valued the concept of networking. I always find purpose in having connections in different areas and career paths of life. After all you never know when you will need someone.

Overall, I truly hope this opportunity pushes me outside of my comfort zone and allows me to dive deeper into the areas of technology and entrepreneurship. I look forward to perfecting my skills in areas such as marketing and social media and learning how I can better help entrepreneurs and their businesses as well as my own personal endeavors in the future!

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