UROP Student Spotlight: Dana Flumer

Dana is a junior studying Computational Biology here at FSU. She is originally from Central Florida but moved to Tallahassee in January of 2014 on the day of the Florida State National Championship! She has a passion for science and her love of research was inspired by her high school science teacher Mr. Jeremy Blinn. Dana is currently working on a research project with Michael Killian studying the psychosocial characteristics associated with nonadherence in pediatric organ transplant patients. After completing the UROP program, Dana plans on applying to a summer research program out of state involving biomedical research. In her senior year, she will be working on a research practicum project and will defend this practicum in front of a committee. After graduation, she hopes to either continue her education as a graduate student or find work in the biomedical field. 

Dana is a current UROP student in Diamond Taylor and Deborah Oliver’s Transfer Student UROP Colloquium. She says that her favorite part of her UROP experience has been connecting with her UROP mentors. “Diamond and Deborah are always so cheerful and engaging during class which helps motivate me to try my best. They also provide so many resources to advance my education and research abilities.” Through the UROP program, students attend colloquium meetings lead by a current undergraduate student experienced in research. These UROP Leaders offer support in connecting students to research faculty and help these students get involved in current research projects. This year-long research endeavor culminates in a presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium where UROP students have a chance to showcase their contributions in their projects to faculty and the FSU community alike. 

Like Dana, you can get involved in a research project in your undergraduate career and connect with students who share a similar passion and curiosity for research. Dana’s advice for students interested in applying to UROP next year is to broaden their horizons and be sure to look at research topics outside of their major. “You have four years to become an expert in your field of study, so if you find a topic that is particularly interesting, run with it!” 

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