Rian Jackson (May 7, 2020): April (Blog Number 9)

One person who I met on my journey to the arctic was Kate. She was a big part of my trip and was one of the reasons that it was such a good trip. From the first time I met her to when I last saw Kate I had a good time. She was a very fun person who has a lot in common with me and overall a wonderful soul.

Kate was the cook at the Churchill Northern Studies Center. So me working in the kitchen had a lot of time to work with her and that was a wonderful thing. I first met Kate on the train up to Chirchill, she was one of the only other passages in the car that I was riding. At the time I did not know who Kate was and my slight social anxiety prevented me from finding out who she was just then. But when we both got to our destination things started on a good note. When I found out that she was going to be at the center with me and the other volunteers I suddenly felt silly not talking to her sooner but we both laughed it off.

When I say kate was a cook I mean a GOOOOD Cook. I have never seen someone able to do so much with the resources provided. All dietary requirements of various visitors staying for meals were met and not the bare minimum, No Kate would make a whole second dish for people with certain restrictions. It is hard enough to make lasagna from scratch, well try pulling that off and also providing a pan of gluten free vegan lazina. Crazy right well Kate pulled it off with very little stress.

When Kate was not working or sleeping she was a very fun person who is from the Uk. And she taught a fun new card game that was played at least three to four times a week after dinner clean up was done. We also share a love of earl gray tea which is always a plus. When I was heading home Kate was trying to do the same but unfortunately she could not get to her girlfriend in Estonia because one of the first things that country did was shut down it’s border. But she is now on the way back home last time I touched base.

Kate was one of the reasons that I had such a good time because she was kind and a very fun person to be around and when it was her day off there was bound to be something fun happening. This electric personality along with some of the best food I have ever had, I mean everything roast beef, pasta, pizza, and veggie stew, kate also taught me so much more than I already know about cooking for large groups of people and more knowledge about cooking is always welcome. Overall Kate was a fun person who was one of the best cooks I have met and most importantly a new friend of mine.

Published by Warren Oliver

CRE Associate Director for Global Programming

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