Sophia Thompson (March 6, 2020): My Goals (Blog #2)

It’s the beginning of October and I have already arrived at my first destination; Bari, Italy. I am working at a hostel in the city center of Bari. I have already met so many people from all over the world and it is so exciting! The city is beautiful and I see a whole new culture and way of life here. As I am starting to settle in and get more used to my job I am beginning to realize my goals and setting them in place. I am also trying to structure myself a routine so I can obtain these goals while I’m living abroad.

My first goal is to learn more about myself through my interactions with others and through relationships I build. I have always loved to talk to new people and learn about them but sometimes I find it hard to be completely loose and myself with people in the beginning. I want to break through that small shell and be able to express myself to anyone who I’ve just met. So far I’ve been so happy to meet everyone I’ve met and it’s easy to talk to them but I’m still trying to find that bubble to burst. And I think the reason I have trouble with this is mostly because I still don’t even know what being myself really means because I don’t know myself all that much and this is why my goal is to figure out more about myself through these interactions.

My second goal is to learn a new language. I’ll be in Italy for two months and this gives me a great opportunity to learn Italian. I have just signed up to start classes at a school nearby where I’m staying and I am very excited! The language is so beautiful and I really want to study it and be able to be fluent by the end of my journey.

Finally my third goal is to once again learn more about myself but in a way that I can guide myself towards a career or study. I have no idea still what I want to study but I hope that through this journey of learning more about myself and what I like I will see what it is I can see myself studying and really loving.

Above are some pictures of Bari and some cities nearby in the Puglia region.

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