Welcome to the FSU Tech Fellows Blog

Welcome to the FSU Tech Fellows blog!

Tech Fellows is a program from the Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE) that works to promote diversity in the tech entrepreneurship sector by providing summer internships for first-generation college students (affiliated with FSU-CARE). The goal of these internships is to provide the Fellows with will hands-on experiences and connections in tech entrepreneurship through working with business incubator staff, startup companies, and mentors. Each week during the summer semester, the Tech Fellows will share their personal and professional experiences going through the program such as balancing work-life, conducting interviews for their qualitative research project, and skill development for their next step in life.

This year’s Tech Fellows will be interning remotely with three different business incubators around the state of Florida; Tallahassee’s Domi Station (will hyperlink each), Orlando’s Starter Studio and Tampa Bay Wave. This year is obviously one that will have its challenges for the Fellows with them having to negotiate a remote internship. The Fellows will write about how they are traversing this experience and the challenges of simultaneously completing a research project that requires interacting with others.

Please join us each week to read about these wonderful students’ experiences throughout the summer.

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