Honors Experiences During Social Distancing

Welcome to our first Honors blog! From traveling, to family dynamics, to activism, this is a place for Honors students to talk about their experiences during social distancing. Check back often for new entries!

Immunocompromised During a Pandemic

Anonymous Author – My experience with the pandemic has been varied. Some days, there was immense fear. How would I fare if I got it? How would my mom? I had to have hard conversations with her. What would happen if she got sick, or worse? I couldn’t talk about wills or life insurance without…

The Future: Uncertainty, Hope, and Change

Ansley Bilyeu – The future is something I have found myself pondering more than ever over the past few months. The future being this enormous, abstract, terrifying, yet exciting aspect of life. A part of life that seems to have so much control over each of us, not offering much control in return.  We, as…

My Experiences with Covid-19

Dean Khan – Around mid-March I left Tallahassee and drove down to see my family in Orlando, Florida, where I expected to only stay for a few weeks. Fast forward 2 months later and I am still home, and still waiting out Covid-19. Initially when coming home I was excited to see my family and…

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