Life in Tanzania 💕

It is already four days into my arrival, and Tanzania is gorgeous. Africa is not what I expected but so much more! Everything here is just allowed to grow and nurture. The people take care of one another, and they take pride in conserving their traditions and culture. The women are never perceived as masculine even with short hair, and there is no massive class divide just a single body of people living. Economically speaking one could consider certain aspects of their country more impoverished: like lack of  medical and dental care, lack of certain infrastructure like roads, and massive food insecurity and lack of agricultural assistance . Those I can agree are parts of they system that could be improved for the betterment of the country, but other than that life here is so pure. This country is so, at least the part I am in, Arusha, and other cities near it, peaceful. There was never a minute that I have been here that I felt the people in Tanzania were at a severe disadvantage to that of Americans. At least in the sense where their intellect and their quality of life was that much less than ours because of material possess. No, in my being here I have seemingly finally witnessed real life. For those who seemingly have so little from my observations they are happier and more virtuous than the common American. While I obviously hope and pray for improved future economic conditions, which with the new woman president Samia Suluhu Hassan, who all people call mama because of her nurturing and caring nature, seems possible, I hope this country will always keep what America has seemingly never had: its light. I mean that in sense where the Tanzanians’ joyful, caring, and welcoming nature makes many worldwide feel comforted in visiting and enjoying their culture. Something that America to this level does not possess. The Tanzanians are a non-judgmental, humble, welcoming, and kind group of people, and I look forward to continuing to learn more about them and their culture in my stay ❤. As for my day-day you can look for more in future blogs as I am still getting settled and developing a routine.

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